Join the Advisor Game Plan® Team

Join the Advisor Game Plan® Team

Thank you for visiting our career page. We are a growing team and we are united by our core values:

  1. Servant Leadership
  2. Play with Confidence
  3. Think Innovation
  4. Deliver Joy & Peace

Please explore the opportunities posted below and reach out to us to discover if you are the right person, at the right time, and with the right capacity to join our work family.

Or if you have an innovative idea not shown on this page of how you believe you could add value to Advisor Game Plan, please reach out and start that conversation. Let’s think innovatively together.

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Available Postions

Executive Coach - Youth Sports Programs

Executive Coach - Youth Sports:
The Executive Coach has extensive leadership experience in youth sports programs.  Our Executive Coach has a history of #ThinkInnovation and implementing new strategies to improve the youth sports industry.  In this position, the Executive Coach will focus on growing the youth sports program leader client relationships and living our #ServantLeadership core value in advising business leaders within the youth sports industry.



Roles & Duties:

  • Deliver our Game Plan Service Model to youth sports programs
  • Conduct strategic planning sessions with youth sports programs 
  • Study, create content, and share our “client login” on our Advisor Game Plan website
  • Study, create content, and share leadership skills - for example read one of our recommended leadership development books per month to exhibit a continuous learning mindset
  • Customize each client’s organizational structure and organizational chart
  • Participate in and eventually lead our youth sports industry “Huddles Program”
  • Uncover and clarify each clients “Omni-channel” model
  • Review and consult with youth sports program owners through their death & disability, acquisition and succession plan
  • Study industry trends and changes (attend industry conferences annually) - continue as an insider of your industry
  • Help customize systems within each client’s needs of their business model
  • Assist clients with a marketing planning day follow-up session, as needed
  • #ThinkInnovation by finding new methods to enhance our service to our clients in a #ServantLeadership mindset
  • Other duties as assigned


Production Expectations:

  • Based upon metrics set by leadership
  • Generally, each coach will source and serve around 40-50 clients


Compensation Structure:

  • Base Salary 
  • Growth Bonus set by leadership 
  • Benefits (health, dental, vision, retirement, unlimited vacation, flexible schedule, work from home structure)
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