Youth Sports

Youth Sports

Our coaches are passionate about the youth sports industry because we grew up playing youth sports. These experiences had a lasting impact on each of our leadership careers and we understand how your sports program can make that impact.  

We are excited to announce the addition of Doug Woodard, executive coach focused on mentoring basketball coaches.  Most recently, Doug was the head boys basketball coach at Bellevue West High School.  Doug has a career record of 694-256, 7-time State Champion, 6-time State runner-up, and has received numerous recognitions nationally.  

We have helped lead the momentum of change in the youth sports industry in several areas:

  • Mentorship Program for Coaches
  • The Entrepreneur Athlete and what your organization should consider
  • Sports Complex development and management and services
  • Foundational, Emerging, and Advanced athlete development process
  • Coaching from a Servant Leader Mindset
  • We already serve clients in Basketball, Volleyball, and Baseball, however we are never hesitant to help you in your unique sport so connect with us.

Ways To Work With Us

What do you want to change in your youth sports business? Let’s think innovation together! We offer two different approaches to work together, assuring we serve your unique needs and help accomplish your specific goals.

Schools & Individual Coaches

If you are an individual person or affiliated with a school or non-profit, click below to see available plans and pricing.

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Sports Clubs

If you are a youth sports club with two or more teams, click below to see available plans and pricing.

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Our Youth Sports Executive Coach Team

Matt Cumro
Matt Cumro
Co-Founder & Youth Sports Executive Coach
Headshot photo of Doug Woodard
Doug Woodard
Youth Sports Executive Coach