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Thriving Leaders is our client-only, private podcast. In each episode, Brian will take one topic from our Game Plan Service Model and dive deep into the best methods he's seen thriving leaders execute. The podcast is available on:

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Resource Library

These resources are here to support you.  If you are a client, please login with your client credentials to access our private library of additional resources.

The Thriving Leaders University is a unique business leader coaching program, where you walk through our private, client only podcasts and accompanying material at your own pace and convenience. Looking for accountability? You will have the option to meet virtually once a quarter with an Advisor...
Are you looking for a simple, short business plan document to keep an up-to-date business plan in one place? This 2-page business plan works effectively for the minimalist business planner as all your business plans accumulate in one place. After you create a draft, please contact Advisor Game Plan...
We believe every business should pay close attention to their client experience. At Advisor Game Plan, we want to practice what we preach. Here is our long-term client service model typically implemented fully after 12mo's of working together. This is the sustainable model as to why clients desire...
This is our proprietary "12 Week Momentum Builder" process that we use to serve our clients.
Changing a belief is hard and takes perseverance. Please consider this concept in helping you determine if you have the perseverance and energy to change a belief you may currently have. Want help considering this concept? Reach out to Advisor Game Plan and talk with a coach.
What is the vision for your company that you are passionate about, that will attract others to your company, and will drive every decision you make? Use this form to brainstorm and refine your vision. At Advisor Game Plan, we think of your Vision as something that is more internal to your...