Servant Leadership Team Culture

screenshot for servant leadership team culture

The concept of Servant Leadership Team Culture is focused on building a servant leadership mindset within your workspace of teams.  How can we build sustainable teams which allow our people to Thrive?  It starts with us as leaders focused on serving others and thinking of others as more important than ourselves.  Then our teams can take on this attitude.  Ultimately, if everyone on a team looks out for their own interest ahead of others, then each person only has 1 person looking out for their own best interest.  However, if we change the culture to thinking of others before ourselves, then we can change the math to have {insert number of team members} team members looking out for each persons best interest.  Which would you rather have?  One or many?

Use this graph as a visual resource to teach the concept.  Also, please listen to Episode 1 of our Thriving Leaders Podcast which teaches the concept of Servant Leadership Team Culture.