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Who We Are

Advisor Game Plan® is built on delivering joy & peace to our clients through areas that we can serve best as an independent executive coach, not affiliated with a larger industry vendor (like a broker-dealer) or association in your industry. We are focused on serving you through our proven Game Plan Process.

At first, Advisor Game Plan was created to serve financial advisor business owners through a proven growth service model developed throughout 14 years of innovation by Brian Willet. However, within six months of our launch, it was clear that our service model could translate into helping business owners in other aligned industries in which we have years of on-the-ground work and ownership experience. Unexpectedly, Advisor Game Plan has now served clients that requested our services from the industries of Youth Sports and Multi-Business Ownership Structures. The results were astonishing and thus Advisor Game Plan expanded to serve these industries.

Advisor Game Plan is growing our team of coaches to serve you in your industry.  These are dedicated industry experts who have years of both success and overcoming failures.  They are here to share their collective knowledge with you if you are coachable.  

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Legacy Timeline


Brian Willet’s father created a start-up remodeling construction business to change the construction industry.  Brian was heavily involved from 1997-2009.


Matt starts as a coach on the University of Texas men’s basketball program staff.


Brian starts as an intern for Financial Advisor, Bill Rathe


Brian starts his own financial advisor business as an independent financial advisor in the dual registered, broker-dealer industry.


Brian starts his leadership career in the financial advisor industry leading advisors and employees, managing the company, and innovatively coaching financial advisors across the country.


Matt starts his own youth basketball business primarily focused at the time on developing skills through camps with the vision to innovate the Nebraska Youth Basketball industry.


Brian & Matt launch a non-profit Nebraska Supreme to help basketball minded kids compete in travel basketball and further their education opportunities.

Brian & Matt launch Advisor Game Plan with a unified focus to serve Financial Advisors with the innovative service model Brian developed over 14 years in the financial advisor industry.  They quickly realize that other aligned industries that they have experience in have a demand for their services also.  They commit to not become a generalist coaching service, but only to serve the top four industries that they can best impact.


Kendall Hahn joins Advisor Game Plan as Vice-President of Operations & Coach. Kendall brings another 25+ years of leadership and coaching experience to Advisor Game Plan.